Chip implant

During the implant procedure, the EasyTrac-id (ISO) microchip is scanned 3 times with the (ISO) reader.

  • Scan the animal...... to be sure it doesn’t have already a microchip.
  • Scan the EasyTrac-ID (ISO) FDX-B microchip in the sterile packaging to verify the unique identification number on the barcode sticker, before the microchip is implanted.
  • Scan the animal...... again after implanting the microchip  check the unique microchip number and register on the registration form.

Implant procedure with equidae

The implant position with horses and pony’s is on the left side of the neck, halfway between the horse’s head and withers, about 2,5cm below the midpoint of the neck ligament. Clean around this position with alcohol. Clip or shave, if necessary, a spot about the size of a coin. Dab the skin well with alcohol. Use the delivered sterile needle and single-use injector to inject the microchip intramuscularly in at a right-angle in the prepared spot on the neck. After the microchip has been injected, dab the spot well with alcohol. Let the horse or pony rest at least 12 hours.

Implant procedures with dogs, cats and other small domestic animals

The implant position with dogs and cats is the dorsal region, somewhat caudal from the line between the shoulder blades. The microchip needs to be placed in the
deep-lying hypodermic area, as close as possible to the trapezium, above the dorsal spine of a vertebra of the fifth or sixth thoracic vertebra. Prepare the spot for a sterile injection. Pull the skin up like a tent and put the injection needle’s bevel against the base at an angle of 20-30 degrees to the horizontal. Insert the needle subcutaneously until the needle holder touches the skin. Then, press the Single-use injector.

Implant procedures with birds.

The bird needs to be kept very well controlled. For large birds it is advisable to administer a light sedative to minimize the stress. The correct implant position for the microchip is the thickest part of the pectoral muscle. The feathers covering this part, need to be spread and cleansed well with alcohol. Insert the sterile injection needle not too deep with the bevel upwards at an angle of around 30 degrees. Insert the injection needle only deep enough so that the needle’s bevel is just underneath the skin, with small birds only as deep as you deem necessary. Press the single-use injector.

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