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Sterile, accurate and simple!

The EasyTrac-ID microchip in single-use injector applicator with needle, delivered ready for use, in sterile packaging, with 8 barcode labels included.
EasyTrac-ID uses automated packaging machines that put the microchip in the appropriately designed injection needles.
The certified packaging of the EasyTrac-ID (ISO) microchips is in accordance with the EC standards for sterile packaging of veterinary products.

The Single-use injector applicator enables easy implanting of the EasyTrac-ID microchips.

The EasyTrac-ID microchip is made from bio-glass is passive and only responds to radio waves transmitted by the reader.
The 1.4 x 8.5mm, 2 x 12mm( for use with all small domestic animals) and the 3x15mm (Equichip for horses) EasyTrac-ID microchips with ISO manufacturer code’967’ are in accordance with the ISO standard 11784/11785.


  • 2x12mm
    (ISO) microchips
    2x12mmFor use with all small domestic animals
  • 3x15mm Equichip
    (ISO) microchips
    3x15mmFor use with all equidae
  • FX PetScan II
      reading tool
    FX PetScan IIAll FDX-B and FDX-A chips + USB connection and memory
  • 1.4 x 8.5mm
    (ISO) microchip
    1.4 x 8.5mmFor use with all small domestic animals
  • Mini-Pocketreader
    FDX-B (ISO) microchips
    Mini-PocketreaderAll (ISO) type FDX-B chips + USB battery charger
  • Packaging
    Packaging EasyTrac-IDEasyTrac-ID microchip packaging

Software downloads


Software for FX Petscan II

  • Only for Windows
  • Install first, then connect PetScan
  • Help files, Data transfer and the phone write function


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